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Cecilia Project discusses the role of science with children and youth – USP

Whether at school or at home, an extension project created by USP professors takes a portion of the scientific knowledge produced at the university for primary and secondary school students

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Cecilia Project discusses the role of science with children and youth


What would it be like to explore the secrets of the universe without taking your foot off the planet?

To introduce scientific concepts that delve into this issue, Project Cecilia was created, an extension project that aims to convey and discuss complex ideas about science in an accessible manner to the student community in elementary and secondary schools.

In this issue of Jornal da USP Mais, we speak with Lisandra Figueiredo Cipriano, professor and researcher at the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG) at the University of the South Pacific, who details the origin of the initiative, its main goals, and how the pandemic has broadened the project’s horizons.

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Screenplay and report: Mariana Marquez
Produced by: Denis Pacheco
Editing: Karina Tarasyuk, under the direction of Guilherme Fiorentini
Soundtrack: Andre Light

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