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Ceará X Internacional Game will be required to wear a surgical mask;  See detailed protocol - run

Ceará X Internacional Game will be required to wear a surgical mask; See detailed protocol – run

after, after Official confirmation from the Ministry of Health in Sesa) to enter the game car x internationalAt 7 p.m. next Wednesday (6), the audience will attend the Arena Castellao, Alfinegro explained the protocol for the match, confirming that more than 3,000 fans have been verified.

At a press conference, the protocol for resuming the games with the public was detailed by Ceará’s Director of Promotions and Social Activities, Viridiano Pinheiro, and the club’s Director of Technology, Marcos Medina. (See full video below).

The main points of the protocol

  • The use of a surgical mask is mandatory. No one using the cloth mask will be allowed access;
  • The gates will be opened two hours and thirty minutes before the start of the match, in order to avoid entry and avoid external and internal congestion, and closed 30 minutes before the start of the match;
  • Road closure: Close the security perimeter with physical barriers, on all roads in the immediate surroundings, 4 hours before departure, access to the barriers is only allowed for members with proof of check-in;
  • Street vendors are prohibited from entering around Arena Castellao;
  • Digital ticket verification barrier at each end of the access gates to ensure that only fans who have a ticket assigned to these gates can enter
  • prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages;
  • patrols in all sectors of Castelão and directs fans so that they can keep their distance and use the mask correctly;

As of Friday (1), five days before the match, more than 3,000 fans have already registered for the match.

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Post-game monitoring

Ciara will be watching the fans after the match

daily agency

One of the most relevant aspects, which was required by Sesa, was the 14-day follow-up after the match for all fans present.

“We’ve created a platform to monitor this, we’ll send fans a link for them to answer a form, which is mandatory and requires them to go to the next game. If they don’t respond to the form, they unfortunately won’t be able to go to the next game. He is monitoring if he has any symptoms.” ​​This information will be transmitted to the health authorities. We will monitor all people inside the event,” Veridiano confirmed.

Getting to the stadium

On match day, only certified fans will be able to approach Arena Castelão

SVM . file

The city has ensured that all of the gates to the Arena Castelão will open, and has also provided details of how fans will arrive at the stadium.

“We will have sanitary barriers before the turnstiles, where the fans will be read digitally via cell phone. If it’s okay, go up to the balcony to get to the turnstiles. If you don’t pass, there will be a service point to check and when you arrive the fan chooses the entrance gate and you will be able to enter from during it just to avoid crowding.”

Increase capacity

Since this is a test event, audience capacity will be reduced. The club is counting on fan support until the test is approved and this could facilitate an increase in capacity for future matches.

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“We’re struggling to get the percentage up (to the public). Of course, we have to work with the possibilities. Let’s see what the fallout from this pilot event will be. We have 6,300 places authorized by the government and we’re over 3,000 validated entries with the second dose of the vaccine.” So, we already have half of the qualified people,” said Viridiano.

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