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Ceará will receive 10 new branches of Caixa Econômica by the end of the year - Business

Ceará will receive 10 new branches of Caixa Econômica by the end of the year – Business

He will receive a Ciara 10 agencies Caixa Economics Federal (CEF). The new structures are part of the network expansion to 128 Brazilian municipalities, with 130 new units. However, there is no information on which cities in Ciara will receive the reinforcements. The opening deadline is “through the end of the year”.

The information was announced by the head of the financial institution, Pedro Guimaraes. According to him, there will be 79 branches of public assistance and 51 branches specialized in agribusiness, which aims to increase the bank’s ability to reach more areas in the interior of each Brazilian state. That planned for Ceará will be open to the public.

In the Northeast, there will be 43 new units. In addition to Ciara, the plans are: Bahia (3), Maranhão (19), Paraíba (1), Pernambuco (8) and Piauí (2).

The estimate for serving an audience of 28.6 million people across the country.

first aid

According to the government, Caixa is responsible for paying emergency aid to about 45 million Brazilians. Last year, the number was even higher: 67.9 million. All of this group has mandatory digital savings to receive the amount.

However, people without internet access or who are illiterate only rely on the agency for information about benefit.

In this context, agencies are crucial to ensuring that this portion of the population is served. This Thursday (20), Report from Northeast Newspaper It demonstrated the difficulties of obtaining the resource by people in socioeconomic vulnerabilities.