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CD Projekt RED decided to restart the project

If you like to play The Witcher Online, you can get Plotka (or Roach) out of the rain. Apparently, CD Projekt Red has decided to reboot its Sirius project, which will be a multiplayer experience based on the Geralt and company saga.

in A note to investors was issued this weekThe company made it clear that it had already invested a few tens of millions of dollars in the initiative, but after re-evaluating the characteristics of the business and the direction it was going in, it opted for changes.

The game was under the supervision of The Molasses Flood studio, and it is also possible that there will be a change in this regard. second Game Over Thirty profile, It really looks like it will be “thrown in the trash”. The current version of The Witcher Online is likely to be deleted.

However, the statement mentions “work in progress” to “create a new scope for the project”. That is, he is still alive, but in a completely different way than before.

The Witcher Online promised a lot

If you don’t remember Project Sirius or The Witcher Online, it includes a series of different and interesting activities for this saga. According to several vacancies at the time of work on the game, some characteristics will be:

  • non-linear and branching narrative;
  • grade system;
  • social activities;
  • Co-op missions and PvE items.

Now, it remains to be seen if all of this is still in the plans or if this “reboot” will also change these gameplay details. Anyway, apparently, the project will take some time to get off the ground.

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