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CBLOL 2021: “It was ugly,” says LOUD owner;  Look at the aftermath of defeat

CBLOL 2021: “It was ugly,” says LOUD owner; Look at the aftermath of defeat

a Aloud got run over Renja number CBLOL 2021 This Saturday (7), as a result, he was eliminated from the qualifiers from the Brazilian League League of Legends. This was the organization’s first year in competition, and in both divisions it was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Jean Ortega, one of the owners of LOUD, referred to the result as “ugly” and noted that despite qualifying in 2021, the team is not satisfied.

It was ugly, no excuse. We ended the year with two playoffs but we weren’t satisfied. study more.

Feedback from players and other LOUD members

LOUD players cite poor results after defeat to Renja. Photo: Disclosure / Loud

Thaiga, an influencer of LOUD and one of the most included figures in League of Legends, congratulated the team on the campaign and said she knows “the pressure LOUD is under and wants to give the best to the fans.”

Zika forgiveness. Jokes aside, I know today wasn’t what we wanted, but I would like to congratulate the boys on their first year of LOUD at CBLOL, we know the pressure of representing LOUD and the desire to give our best is for our fans, I know you guys have a lot to show and I’m looking forward To the next split and congratulations to Rensga! You outdid yourselves so much and you deserved it, so good luck with the next steps and that’s what makes L.

DudstheBoy, the loud shooter, said the split’s ending was “sad” and called the year a bad one.

It forces, what a sad ending. The year was undeniably bad. But at the end of it all, I still have a lot to show and work on, both in gameplay and live streaming, so my year isn’t over. I apologize to everyone, but I can’t help but follow and not bow my head. And we understand one thing, we lost it out loud. We the players and the coaching staff work together. In the end I was happy to work with everyone.

Ty classified the defeat as one of the saddest of his career and said he was confident of the positive outcome.

One of the saddest losses of my career, I devoted myself a lot to this split and was especially confident in this streak, but the result did not come. I’ll be taking a bit off social media so I can recover and dedicate myself for next year GG Rensga, thanks for everything!

Enel, a novice hunter He was cast in the playoffs, just wrote “MB” (my bad), which means “my mistake”. The player received great support from the whole audience, who praised his performance. “She’s here now and your courage made our game spin, I really enjoyed playing with you,” said Duds, the loud shooter.

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The organization itself posted a letter thanking all fans and saying that they have a “bright way forward” in LoL.

Today we wrapped up our second season at CBLOL, reaching the playoffs again in a division in which we weren’t afraid to try new strategies. We have a bright path ahead in Lolzin and we look forward to the next chapter of this story, Because our goal is always to reach the top and win the title! Thank you for always encouraging us, make the letter L#GoLOUD

With the elimination of the playoffs, the Aloud There are no more official Riot tournaments to play this year. Rensga, who won the series, will face paiN Gaming in the semi-finals. You can check out full coverage an act CBLOL 2021 Here at Mais Esports.