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Cases of menopausal dismissal are on the rise in the UK - Mary Clary Press

Cases of menopausal dismissal are on the rise in the UK – Mary Clary Press

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A survey of menopause experts in the UK shows that the number of women suing their employers for abusing their employers, claiming that menstrual discrimination has gradually increased in recent years. According to the survey, five cases cited menopause as an unreasonable factor to dismiss in 2018. In 2019, the number rose to 6, while in 2019 there were 16 cases, more than double the previous year.

According to a report from Defender, According to experts, feels that women have the power to challenge businesses and employers who do not understand how numbers affect women’s lives and do not support female employees.

“I see this growing continuously until the big and joint processes come out, and I firmly believe this will happen,” he says. Dee Murray, Founder and CEO of Menopause Specialists. “Women in many large companies are already setting up their own and internal menstrual support groups. If they decide that their problems are not supported by human resources, it could be a big problem for the company.”

Of the 70% of women working in the United Kingdom, 4.5 million are between the ages of 50 and 64, the fastest growing group in the country. Dee says research shows that many women at this age are at the peak of their careers and that companies with a diverse workforce increase their profits.

However, the implications of menopause have not been discussed until recently. One in four women experiencing menopausal symptoms consider leaving the job due to lack of information and support.

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One of the women who sued, Aki Kaunaka Facing menopause at the age of 37 and not being able to have children was “no big deal” he asked his boss. The court ruled that speaking was not discrimination but moral harassment.