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Carp live in the freezer after being held for 48 hours

Carp live in the freezer after being held for 48 hours

In England, a woman bought Fish to dinner and discovered it was still alive after 48 hours in the freezer. The lucky one was Cindy Lau, in Cheltenham.

According to her, the crucian carp was bought from a fishmonger in Greenford when she was visiting friends in London to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 10. After she got home, she put the fish in the freezer and didn’t think about it again until she took out the carp to cook dinner. The lady was shocked to discover that even after 48 hours in the freezer, the fish was still alive!


Crucian carp, also known as cold water carp, is a freshwater fish native to Europe and Asia. It is a species highly appreciated by sport fishermen and is also used in fish farming, being raised in lakes, dams and reservoirs.

This species is known to be resistant to cold water and low oxygen content, and can be found in lakes, rivers, streams, and other bodies of water in temperate climates. It is able to adapt to different temperatures and food conditions, which makes it classify It is relatively easy to breed in captivity.

“Cindy called me when she thought she saw the carp’s gills moving and asked my opinion. They really were. I doubted whether I should put an end to this poor guy’s suffering,” CShe mentioned her husband, Paul Louis Bowerman, according to ‘Metro’.

As mentioned earlier, the fish are very hardy in cold waters. So Cindy’s husband put him in the bathtub. For about 20 minutes, it was lukewarm in the water. But then it “back to normal”. The couple named the carp Lazarus, after a resurrected figure in the Bible. Funny isn’t it?!

“He’s been through a lot. He’s been sandwiched between all those dead fish all this time and it’s almost dinner. We’re glad he now has such a good home. The lady (who took him in) tells us he now has a best friend fish who swims happily with him in his new home.”