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Carmo City Council declares a state of emergency against dengue fever

Carmo City Council declares a state of emergency against dengue fever

Last Friday the 22nd, the municipality of Carmo do Río Claro issued Decree No. 5734/24, which declared the municipality to be in a state of emergency due to the significant increase in dengue cases. This decree aims to enable more flexible measures to combat the disease and contain its spread.

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The main objective of the decree is to allow the immediate implementation of measures and procedures in the field of health, taking into account the alarming number of dengue notifications, which the municipal administration has already described as a pandemic.

With the publication of the decree, the city council has the right to take urgent administrative and assistance measures to contain the spread of the disease. This includes obtaining inputs, materials and essential services to deal with the emergency.

One of the most important measures is the possibility of issuing violations against individuals who obstruct or impede the work of endemic disease agents in homes. In this case, the police force may be called in to ensure compliance with dengue control measures.

Furthermore, the City Council highlights measures that have already been adopted to address the situation:

  • Continued tobacco use in areas with high dengue positive cases;
  • The daily work of health workers, making home visits to identify and remove potential breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever;
  • An additional doctor has been appointed to enhance care at the São Vicente de Paulo Hospital, for a total of three doctors, in addition to the appointment of four nursing technicians.
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Despite the efforts made by the municipal administration, the city municipality highlights the seriousness of the dengue fever situation in the municipality, which has worsened due to the epidemic, even causing a shortage of some necessary supplies for treatment.

In this context, the cooperation of the population is essential. The city municipality asks everyone to do their part in this battle against dengue fever, take preventive measures in their homes and be extra careful to prevent the spread of the vector mosquitoes.

Source: Carmo City Council

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