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Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega apologizes to Vera Magalhaes after controversial speech on ‘Roda Viva’ – Prisma

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega apologizes to Vera Magalhaes after controversial speech on ‘Roda Viva’ – Prisma

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega apologizes to Vera Magalhaes
Reproduction / Social Networking

There are disagreements, but the fact that “the question does not offend” is vindicated, and according to my usual consideration, the Edwaldo Package, what is out there are clumsy answers.
However, it makes perfect sense, before I get to the point of the lawsuit, let me recall the joke of the husband who caught his wife cheating and “fired” the couch.

Maintaining proper proportions, a lot has been said this week in regards to the “viva kindergarten” of culture. Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, one of the guests, to a question asked by Fabricio Pellegrino, from Carras magazine, criticized President Lula for not having a diploma.

Obviously, between the negatives and the positives, it had a little bit of everything, but the most ridiculous thing was seeing people blame the show, including the big ones, saying that its production didn’t know how to choose the guests.

Well, some feelings are understandable, but getting to that point doesn’t mean having a clue about anything.

This time, Said “couch”. They didn’t even remember him. Haste is to blame for everything.

Furthermore it

The day after “Roda Viva” aired, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega sent a video to Vera Magalhaes, the show’s host, which the column had obtained of a friend from SBT, thanking her for her affection and apologizing for saying what she had said. He justified this by saying, “I don’t like politics.”

People, regardless of each person’s preferences, let us give everyone the right to say what they want and respect it. It doesn’t cost. Patrol should not exist anywhere.


This world is so crazy that there were those who said that the meeting of the sisters Daniela Perotti and Patricia Abrafanel with President Lula, in Brasilia, took place because of the declaration of Carlos Alberto de Nobrega. to apologise.

As if anything could be scheduled with the boss overnight.

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Joao Augusto Liberato, son of Gogo, visits SBT

Son Gogo – 1

João Augusto, son of Gugu, took advantage of these last few days in São Paulo to catch up on some TV shows.

It was in Globo’s “Altas Horas”. Sergio Groisman honored the house and threw a party with him.

Son Gogo – 2

Yesterday it was Joao Augusto’s turn to visit SBT, a house his father knew well. He was a guest on “Programa Silvio Santos”, hosted by Patrícia Abravanel.

João has the desire to follow his father’s career and become a TV presenter. She is preparing for this.

situation at the moment

The Band is interested in keeping Anne Lottermann and João Guilherme in its ranks.

Should have a conversation with the two to offer an invite in the next few days.

On the other side

There is also information that both Anne Lottermann and João Guilherme already had plans made when the recording of “Faustão na Band” was finished.

By coincidence, all work on the program ends today.

There is no party

SBT celebrates its 42nd anniversary next month, the 19th, however, its viewers should not wait for any investment in programming, which may draw attention.

Until then, nothing new. All attention, for the moment, is largely focused on “Romeo and Juliet’s Childhood” and tidying up the house.

Luisa Friese in Kings
Cyrilla Productions

The king’s wife

Artist Luisa Frizzi, after her work at Globo and dozens of performances in her artistic career, in addition to cinema and live broadcasts, is recording the eighth season of the “Race” series, with its scheduled premiere on the seventeenth.

She plays Abielle, one of the wives of Davy (Petronio Gontego), played to date by Isabella Dionisio.


This Saturday, 10 p.m., Record will premiere the documentary, Nations in Struggle: Israel and Neighboring Peoples in the Time of the Kings.

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A complete record of how, three thousand years ago, the region of the Middle East was characterized by the clashes of great armies in a dispute over territories. Historian Luiz Gustavo Assis, specialist in the history of Israel, Sylvia Appleboim; Kristi Chadwick, PhD, Biblical Archaeologist; in Biblical Studies at the University of California, William Schneidwind, and “Rice” author Christian Cardoso.

Not even a thank you?

For all intents and purposes, Sunday will now broadcast another “Terceiro Tempo” on the band.

Did anyone in the house remember to thank Milton or even throw a little farewell party? Or is he still solemnly warning you that Sunday will be the last?

You don’t need more

According to tweets posted since Wednesday night, which Milton Nieves certainly knew of, In Band, the premiere of Neto’s “Apito Final” has been confirmed for Sunday the 2nd, the 16th.

This, you must understand, serves as a warning and dispenses with any courtesy.

Zeca Camargo will duo with Glenda on a new Band program
playback / instagram

How do I look?

This holy grail columnist wrote, a day ago, that Zeca Camargo will be forming a duo with Glenda Kozlowski on the new program of Band Night. Zeca shine! He said it wouldn’t be him.

Now Band comes over and says it’s going to be Zeca.

This space, as good press dictates, has been sought out by the broadcaster, but he has yet to respond.

All goes well

From January to June, “Estúdio i” by Andréia Sadi on GloboNews remains the top audience among news channels.

The details: Among all cable channels, the program ranks second in total number of individuals, behind only Viva. In Greater São Paulo, is the leader in the news sector.

There has been a change

Instead of the 28th, it will be on Friday, the 21st, the premiere of the new season “Quilos Mortais” on the disc.

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Otherwise, everything follows the same method: 14 – The final episode of the seventh season of “Reis”; 17 – Season 8 premiere; 20 – the end of “A Grande Conquista”; 24th – premiere of “Troca de Esposas”, 26th premiere of “Top Chef Brasil”.

Grazi Massafera will be the protagonist of the Dona Beija remake
Instagram @masasphere


Portuguese director Hugo de Sousa, responsible for the remake of “Dona Beija” on HBO Max, is torn between auditioning and searching for locations.

Based on the research, everything is moving towards some recordings that take place in the inner regions of Rio de Janeiro. “Beija” starring Grazi Massafera.

knock knock

• Fabiana Oliveira entered the seventh month of pregnancy, but she does not stop …

• … continue the special reports for “Domingo Espetacular” and as one of the hosts for “Fala Brasil” on Saturdays.

• Livian, daughter of Renato Aragua, has moved everything to São Paulo. The parrot came…

• … has already started preparing “The Man in the Iron Mask” for its premiere in August.

• Revealed in the talent competition on “Faustão na Band”, actress Larissa Boccino in her second job already in the live broadcast …

• … has recorded “Vidas Bandidas” for Star + and is preparing to play the character Ivonete in “Guerreiros do Sol” on Globoplay.

• Whindersson Nunes is now the name of the new Jequiti fragrance.

• At Globo, work continues on the casting of “Renascer”, to replace “Terra e Paixão” …

• …several actors, some well-known, are auditioning.

• Everything was said and written yesterday. It is appropriate, standing, to salute the great José Celso Martínez Correia, whom I met in Ovicina in the days of ‘O Rei da Vela’.

• Kaya Scodelario, known for her Hollywood work such as Maze Runner and Pirates of the Caribbean, is the new cast of the series on Ayrton Senna, for Netflix…

• … The actress, daughter of a Brazilian mother, will play a fictional character in the story, starring Gabrielle Leone.