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Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and Gorret Milagres exchange barbs: 'He hates me'

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega and Gorret Milagres exchange barbs: ‘He hates me’

Comedian Jorit Milagres has hit back at her former co-worker, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, after the leader of “A Praça É Nossa” stated that she was the “worst” person he’s ever worked with.

In an interview with Rafinia Bastos’ YouTube channel, Carlos Alberto said it was difficult to work with Jurit Milagres, known as Donna Filho, and the comedian revealed some behind-the-scenes details of his relationship with the actress.

The presenter reported an episode he claims was never made public, which is what happened when Jorit joined the cast of “Trapalhões” on Globo, but later, SBT owner Silvio Santos made an offer to the actress not to immigrate for the Rio station, and she would force As one of the conditions for accepting the proposal not to be part of the “A Praça É Nossa” staff, a fact that left him very upset.

He said, “I have been displeased with Silvio more than a thousand times, for if she had not taken responsibility, and humility, as Silvio does. So Silvio’s leaving was much worse than I asked.”

“My son said she apologized, and she said nothing of the kind, I said: Son, after I die, you can wear it if you like, but with me alive you will never sit on that bench again. I am angry with her, I do not want to work with her, I want her to be happy, who does not make mistakes in life?

With the fallout from the controversial interview, Jorit Milagris spoke with a text on Instagram condemning Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, accusing him of talking about her badly on erotic shows, asserting that he never fought with the famous man and claiming that he “hate her”. “I don’t know where his anger is growing from [de mim]”, pointed out.

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‘I never made a contract where I didn’t want to go back to ‘Praça’ and that’s what I can prove. The two times I went to Globo, I came back to ‘Praça’ and he received me well afterwards. Globo story, I greeted him at Globo. My home is just like I went to parties. At his house.It was my fortieth birthday, he spent the night talking to my dad and three days later he kicked me out.Even after class, we maintained a friendly relationship, I was going to record with Silvio and I was going to see him!Even though he talked about me badly on erotic shows, I won with an award and he was present and I dedicated it to him,” Jorit revealed.

According to Milagres, his departure from Brassa was a decision taken by Silvio Santos himself as a “marketing matter”. However, she says she has “never been” an “enemy” of Franco’s moaker, and that it was the decision of the SBT owner to leave her in charge of one program and put him in another.

“In 2016, Moacir and I registered as a pilot on SBT, this guy I am so grateful and angry with, I had to sign up with the security guards. The pilot was not approved, then Moacir was fired from Praça. Recently Marcelo de Nobrega he called me to” Plaza” and I asked him if his father agreed because he spoke badly of me every 6 months. I told Marcelo that I would come back if his father agreed and I did this to try to get this man to stop hating me simply because Silvio was in my house, because Silvio appreciated me and also because I was a heroine woman in the audience? ‘, she added, saying she was ‘grateful’ to Carlos Alberto.

Jorit Milagres saves Carlos Alberto de Nobrega

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