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Cara de Sabato tells Fred an unexpectedly intimate event during a gym conversation: “Champagne”


The athlete said that the act took place while he was asleep

Play / Rede Globo

After much euphoria in the house of BBB 23 with the arrival of Dania Mendez on the Brazilian reality show, some of the brothers continued talking to gringa in the garden outside, while others went back to their daily routine as normal.

In the gym while working out, Cara De Sabato and Fred Decempidos chatted about the brunette’s arrival, but another theme was that they had a good laugh while chatting. Sabato told Fred something unexpected that happened to him this morning (14).

Play / Rede Globo

Sabato said in an interview with the brother:You don’t know what happened to me today… Come on, boy! “. Fred asked, in turn:the crisis?” Champagne shoes. Farid did not believe it and continued the dialogue, saying: “I swear? But at that time?” asked the brother, bursting into laughter right after.

Finally, Sabato replied to his friend that the act took place when he was alone in the room sleeping and when he woke up he was dumbfounded, making Fred laugh, who said: Champa shatteredFor those who don’t know, the act of ejaculating is called auto “night pollution”A normal condition that occurs during sleep when a man has a cyst full of sperm.

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