For the first time, the German manufacturer has fully demonstrated what the high-tech interior of the Equus looks like.

A Mercedes Last fall released a completely updated S-Class, The luxury sedan was not created entirely by electric design, however, has long been an obvious secret to this type EQS Gets a sister model without an internal combustion engine.

For the first time, the German manufacturer shows the interior of this mysterious innovation, which promises a range of 700 km, and here is the future of EQS Dashboard:

A Hyperscreen Its main element is the 141-centimeter-wide curved and scratch-resistant glass panel that features OLED displays and spectacular glowing air intakes at the edges.

At 2,432.11-square meters, the artificially intelligent high-tech dashboard is fully customizable with 8 processor cores and 46.4GB / v 24GB of RAM.

The haptic feedback is provided by 12 actuators, the smooth vibration of which presses the virtual buttons to make us feel lucky with real push buttons. This system, which can be operated with voice control, includes a multifunction camera and light sensor, and you can’t go without the 15-speaker Permistor Hi-Fi.

Getting OTA updates The MBOX Hyperscreen will be available on many EQ electric cars after EQS, but not on the recently introduced new S-Class because the latter luxury sedan is built on a different platform.

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