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Car Nothing inspired by James Bond;  Watch the video |  Scientist

Car Nothing inspired by James Bond; Watch the video | Scientist

Frank Rinderknecht, responsible for the manufacturer’s creations Switzerland Rinspeed, new feet scubaA car designed to drive underwater.

Rinderknecht, a huge fan of the Secret Agent 007 franchise, has been trying for decades to produce a car that can “fly” underwater.

The first version of the prototype was presented in 2008, in Geneva Motor Show. But since then, the CEO has been making annual changes to the original idea.

The sQuba prototype appears at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show – Photo: Rinspeed / Publishing

In an interview with German radio, Deutsche Welle (see video above)The CEO spoke of his preference for cars with more exotic styling.

“That’s my passion, owning or building vehicles that look different,” Rinderknecht said.

The sQuba is the world’s first sports car capable of diving – but it doesn’t stop there: it’s still a sports car that reaches 120 km/h on dry land.

For operation on land, it uses an electric motor with a power of about 50 horsepower. When diving, two 3.6 kW motors are activated.

The chassis of the amphibious car is made of carbon fiber and in order not to run out of air inside the cabin, the car is equipped with two tanks to store 33 liters of oxygen.