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Car Balancing & Aligning: Know When to Throw Your Money in the Trash - 9/27/2022

Car Balancing & Aligning: Know When to Throw Your Money in the Trash – 9/27/2022

Everything in our car wears out over time, but it seems to me that what most bothers the owners is the suspension. I recently made you content about re-tightening the suspension, to show that the simple fact of driving does actually cause some things to fall out of place due to natural wear.

But of course, some situations can significantly accelerate this wear and even seriously damage some parts (breakage or warping) in such a way that they need to be replaced so that the alignment returns to acceptable parameters and the stability and safety of the car is restored.

Alignment can be affected by potholes, boulders, sidewalks (high pavement), speed bumps and trenches, or any obstacle we hit is, usually, harder than it should be. The worst thing you can do when you fall into an unavoidable pit is apply the brakes on top of it, as this puts pressure on the suspension.

It can lose balance even with the accumulation of dirt – relative to the weight it can change the parameter, which reinforces the importance of keeping the car clean. It’s not just an aesthetic issue.

In addition, tire wear (especially if it’s erratic), stooped wheels (or those bumps you made, on pavement, when standing) and even tires moving on the wheel, on the rim, (yes, moving there), can unbalance the tire assembly .

When changing tires, it is always important to perform alignment and balancing, as we disassemble everything and change the settings in the system. Of course the new tires will have different weights than the old ones. Choose tires from good brands and only pay attention to the measurements printed on the tire, they should match what your vehicle manual recommends.

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Tire measurements that are different from the original measurements can make a difference to the speedometer. It’s also a good idea to have at least four tires of the same brand, so you don’t have much of a difference in wear and always keep them calibrated to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications, not forgetting the spare tire.

One last great tip about buying tires is to pay attention to the date they were made. Big supermarket chains are famous for doing huge promotions and they are really cool, but you need to see if the tires are about to lose their warranty. Warranty, huh! No health! previously We talked about it here.

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