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Can the amount paid for the husband's health insurance be deducted?

Can the amount paid for the husband's health insurance be deducted?

Reader question: I am married and prepare my own income tax return (my husband prepares the full return, I prepare the simplified return). But he's the one who pays for my health insurance. I want to know: Can he include my plan in his deduction statement?

*Response by Mariana Barbosa

“Since taxpayers file the return separately, the spouse's health plan cannot be deducted.


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This is because only amounts paid to health plans for individuals who are considered certified under the tax legislation and included in the responsible person's return can be deducted on the return. The same logic applies to children.

However, if the return is filed jointly and your spouse is listed as a dependent, it will be possible to deduct the health plan value on the completed return form.

Therefore, when health plan expenses are included in “Payments Made,” it must be noted that the expense is for the dependent along with the rest of the information.

Finally, we must take into account that the amount paid under the health plan must be documented through documents proving the amounts paid to the companies operating the plan, and expenses paid directly with professionals.

*Mariana Barbosa is a tax attorney and partner at Make the Way, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to optimize taxes.

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