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Can Caixa Tem Request Loans With Defaults?

Can Caixa Tem Request Loans With Defaults?

Caixa Economica Federal . launches Loans from 300 BRL to 1000 BRL With the Caixa Team app. Values ​​are contracted exclusively online and may be requested by customers or non-customers of the platform. However, anyone whose name is rejected will not have their application approved by the Foundation.

According to Caixa, the loan payment can be made in a maximum of 24 installments and the interest rate is only 3.99%, regardless of the number of installments. Amounts available for contracting through Caixa Tem are released according to the personal and/or business financial history of App customers or non-customers.

When applying for the loan, applicants undergo a credit analysis which is performed by Caixa. Hence the reason for those who have a negative name or who have any restrictions in credit protection agencies such as SPC / Serasa Can’t be hired Credit provided by the bank.

Types of credit offered by Caixa

Caixa offers Caixa clients and non-customers and has two types of loans:

  • personal expenses: focused on the use of personal expense payment, with free customization;
  • a job: Intended for companies and small businesses that need to invest in their businesses and/or pay off their business debts.

How to apply for a loan through Caixa Tem

The loan application is submitted through the Caixa Tem application (Android and iOS) exclusively online. To contract for credit, platform customers must update their registration data.

For that, they have to click on “Update Your Registration” which appears in the menu. After the update, customers will have a Poupança Digital + account, which will give them access to the “Crédito Caixa Tem” option.

By clicking on this option, they will be able to simulate the values ​​and premiums. For those who wish to become Caixa Tem customers to contract with any of the offered loan methods, it is necessary to download the application for free and follow the registration update steps.

After applying for the loan, applicants will undergo a credit analysis. If approved in this analysis, the requested amount will be available in your Poupança Digital + account within one hour after the credit is contracted.

The amount can be transferred to another account or withdrawn at Caixa Econômica Federal stations.

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