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Can Caixa receive the first payment in December?  Find out if VALOR GREATER is confirmed and check out the NEW BOLSA FAMÍLIA 2022

Can Caixa receive the first payment in December? Find out if VALOR GREATER is confirmed and check out the NEW BOLSA FAMÍLIA 2022

a XIII of Brazilian Aid It was confirmed by the federal government in December? After the election, this topic was among the most talked about because it was proposed by presidential candidates.

Altogether, more than 21 million subscribers will get access Thirteenth of Brazil’s aid If approved by Congress. Check out the latest news about the add-on.

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Will you pay the thirteenth Brazilian aid in December?

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), responsible for changing the name of the Bolsa Família to Auxílio Brasil, at the end of 2020, pledged to pay the 13th salary to the beneficiaries.

Processing bills in the Senate

Despite the captain’s unfulfilled promise, an act is being debated in the Federal Senate. Authorship is by Senator Alexander Silvera (PSB), No. 625/2022, which provides for the release of payments in the accrual amount.

Thirteenth Aid Brazil

There are still no expectations for the thirteenth payment of aid to Brazil. There is only one report in the National Congress that the feature is available Only for housewives From 2023.

Brazil’s aid release on the first of December? look here

“It’s not possible because it’s an election year, you can’t handle it now, it’s prohibited by electoral law. From next year, it will be the 13th year for Auxílio Brasil,” said the CEO.

The volume of Brazilian aid in 2022

Another point brought up to the president is the amount to be paid by Auxílio Brasil, given that the R$600 installment has a deadline of December 2022.

“Auxílio Brasil worth R$600 is guaranteed to our entire government, this is agreed upon with Paulo Guedes. The resources, we already know where they will come from,” he said.

Although promised There is no room for an increase in the 2023 draft budget The government sent it to Congress.

At the end of each year, the presidents send a Annual budget bill (PLO) next year. For the year 2023, the average interest of Auxílio Brasil will be R$405.

Changes in Brazilian Aid 2023 / Novo Bolsa Famaleya 2023

With the election of Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party) to the presidency of the Republic, the Workers’ Party must fulfill its electoral promises in the transitional government.

of between it:

  • The name goes back to the Bolsa Familia;
  • Minimum installment of R$600;
  • Additional premium of R$150 for single mothers and children up to 6 years old.

What do you think about the name change and the new rules that Lula’s government should impose?

Brazilian aid calendar for early november?

The federal government was expecting to pay Oxilio Brasil in August and October. However, this November, the program follows the original calendar, paid for by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Brazil aid calendar 2022

Beneficiaries Auxilio Brasil Await October – disclosure

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