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Can a wormhole exist between stars in real life?

Can a wormhole exist between stars in real life?

Sometimes it is difficult to separate Science Fiction Science in real life. Movie productions present facts with so much data that fans of films like “Interstellar” and “Star Trek” end up creating their own theories about outer space.

In “Interstellar,” the Earth is experiencing serious environmental crises. Faced with this situation, scientists are looking for ways to find other habitable planets for earthlings. In this context, they discover that the way to reach another planet is through a worm hole🇧🇷 But what are they?

worm hole

Officially, the wormhole is called the “Einstein-Rosen Bridge,” as it was these scientists who first described the possible phenomenon that might be able to carry out intergalactic travel in a short period of time.

Given this information, it should be noted that time is nothing more than a creation of human beings and that it passes in different ways on other planets in the world. Universe🇧🇷

Science is always capable of discovering new things, but so far a wormhole is just a theory.

Despite this, nothing prevents this space-time continuum from continuing to be studied and investigated so that, who knows, new discoveries can be made.

Black hole

Furthermore, what we have as evidence – including photos – is there black holes through outer space.

They were discovered through The general theory of relativityby Einstein, and differ from wormholes in that they are not a bridge between two universes or the “shortest” path within the same universe.

Modern evidence

The first photographic record of a black hole was recorded on April 10, 2019. Countless scientists and telescopes worked so that this black hole could be recorded.

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Before the recording, there were only simulations of Albert Einstein’s century-old dream. However, in theory, if a black hole were paired with a mirror double, it would be named white hole It could form a wormhole.

However, these white holes will not look like a wormhole, as shown in films similar to Interstellar.

white hole

Unlike black holes, in a white hole There will be a singularity at its center, as well as many events around it.

In a hypothetical situation, a person inside a possible white hole would not be able to reach the event horizon from the outside due to the fact that the speed is greater than the speed of light.

Traditionally, wormholes are very unstable. Therefore, there will be a breakdown if any one particle comes into contact with them.

Finally, some physicists speculate that a wormhole could gain stability if it formed from a spinning black hole. However, a spinning black hole would not be a safe scenario for all of us.