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Can a lunar and supermoon eclipse be seen in the sky of the Holy Spirit?

The giant moon can be seen from Espirito Santo if the sky is cloudy. Credit: Vanda Lopez

For amateurs of astronomical phenomena this Wednesday (26) will be a complete board: Lunar eclipse and the largest giant moon this year It occurs simultaneously in history. However, according to Climatempo Institute, Vision in Holy Spirit It may be affected mainly in cities far from the coast due to clouds. The weather will be stable with many clouds and rain spread across the state.

The total phase of the lunar eclipse will be short, at about 15 minutes. Best places to see it would be in eastern Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. However, in Brazil, only the partial phase of the eclipse can be seen, starting at 6:45 AM (Brasilia time).

On the other hand, a giant moon can be enjoyed by observers from all over the world – if the night sky is clear and clear. As previously described in other issues of GazzettaAnd the supermoon is the name given to new and full moons that occur at perigee, where it is called the closest lunar orbit to Earth..

Thus, the satellite will be about 363 thousand kilometers from the Earth, and because it is closer, the moon will appear larger and brighter than usual. According to NASA, supermoons and eclipses are two different phenomena that don’t always happen at the same time like this time. “This month provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the view,” the agency’s website says.

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