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Camila Alves McConaughey was on a Lufthansa plane that plunged during a storm: ‘a mess’ | pop art

Camila Alves McConaughey was on a Lufthansa plane that experienced a drop in altitude during a storm – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The plane, which took off from Austin, Texas, and was heading to Frankfurt, Germany, was forced to make an emergency landing at Virginia airport after severe turbulence. Seven people were taken to hospital.

Camila posted on social media some pictures of the state of the plane after it landed and talked about the “chaos”.

“Last night, the plane fell nearly 4,000 feet. Seven people went to the hospital. Everything was flying all over the place. Out of respect for the privacy of those around me, I’ll just point this out. But the plane was a mess and turbulence. Continue arriving. A Lufthansa flight that You see it on the news. Yeah… that trip. Thank God everyone is fine,” the model wrote.

Camila also thanked the staff at the hotel where she was able to stay overnight before taking a new flight on Friday (3).

“We got to the bar a minute before closing. We slept so well, we’re going to take a new ride today. And the ride goes on.”

A picture taken inside a Lufthansa flight that experienced severe turbulence in the US shows trays on the ground, on March 2, 2023. Seven people were taken to hospital. — PHOTO: Ekaterina Fadell/via AP

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