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Camels have escaped from a "living cradle" and are wreaking havoc on a street in Australia

Camels have escaped from a “living cradle” and are wreaking havoc on a street in Australia

Three beauties who co-starred in a live bed in the Australian city of Brisbane escaped from the parade area and fled into a busy street, causing traffic chaos in the area.

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, the beauty escaped from a gallery at the Bridgeman Baptist Community Church, on Friday morning. They were caught on video slowly walking the wrong way down Albany Creek Road in Aspley.

The animals caught the attention of drivers who slowed down to take pictures and record videos of the unusual trio, while others warned other drivers on social media to be aware of the animals that escaped from the crib.

Ty Thomas, pastor of the church, told L.L 96- five FM reported that the church phone had been ringing all morning with several people calling to warn them to flee.

He joked, “Obviously what happened was that they themselves opened the little gate that separated them from the street. They went out on their own and thought, ‘Hey, why don’t we go for an extra walk?'” “.

“They just toured the property, and then walked down the street on the motorcycle track.”

Thomas said that no one was hurt and the camels were captured and are now safe. He said the owner was able to retrieve the camels quickly, so they were ready for Friday night’s performance.

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“They saw their teacher, were happy to see him, and just got back in time for the performance,” said the priest.