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Calculations show that the Chinese missile could get out of control and may land in Brazil

Calculations show that the Chinese missile could get out of control and may land in Brazil

a Chinese Long March 5B missile, which is expected to fall to the ground on Sunday (9), He has a chance to reach some areas of the Brazilian territory. Calculations by the Brazilian Meteorological Network (Paramon), meteorological company Clima Ao Vivo and the international community show that the possibility of re-entry in Brazil is 1.48%. The forecast was updated at 6 pm on Friday (7).

Calculations predict that re-entry into Earth’s orbit should occur around 9h53 on next Sunday (9), in Brasilia time, with a margin of error of 12 hours, more or less. During this period, he must pass through Brazil at least four times. The chance of seeing it is 3%.

China used the missile to launch the main unit of the country’s first permanent space station into orbit. Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, the Long March 5B can be divided into several parts, reaching different locations. Approximately 60% and 80% of the missile must be completely vaporized before it can reach an altitude of 60 km. The resistive parts must continue to degrade for several kilometers in order for the atmospheric resistance to reduce the velocity of the fragments.

Clima ao Vivo CEO Denilson Rocha said, “Every hour that passes, the calculations are reworked and they tend to be more accurate, but what we can guarantee is that if the re-entry occurs over Brazil, there are about 350 Clima ao Vivo cameras. Pramon will record the event. ”

The remaining missile debris would be expected to spread along the Earth’s surface, slowing down and avoiding the risk of explosions.

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* With information from CNN Brazil