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Caixa Tem: The new credit can reach R$4.5K

CAIXA TEM with loans of up to 4.5 thousand Brazilian reals; See how to withdraw

The Federal Savings Bank It gives a small loan that can be contracted either through the app square his In person, in one of the branches of the financial institution.

The service is available to individuals or micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) who want to invest in their business. In addition to this group, citizens with a dirty name can also apply for a loan.

Transactions are made through the Simplification of Digital Microcredit Program for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital). To date, amounts are up to R$1,000 for PF and up to R$3,000 for MEI.

However, the House of Representatives recently approved a temporary measure. It discusses expanding the amounts provided by the loan, to reach R$1.5 thousand and R$4.5 thousand, for Mortgage Finance Funds (PFs) and (MEIs), respectively.

With the approval of the deputies, the text now goes to the Federal Senate. Given the approval of the senators, the action would go to a presidential sanction, which may or may not veto the motion.

Digital SIM Terms

For individuals:

  • Credit limit: up to R$1,000;
  • Interest rate: from 1.95% per month;
  • Repayment term: up to 24 months;
  • Request: Caixa Tem app.

For MEI:

  • Credit limit: up to R$3,000;
  • Interest rate: from 1.99% per month;
  • Repayment term: up to 24 months;
  • Requirement: The applicant must have worked for at least 12 months in the category of Small Business Owner and have received an annual income of R$81,000;
  • Order: In person at any Caixa branch.

How to Apply for a Caixa Micro Loan?

Contracting for credit by square his Available, as of now, for individuals only. According to Caixa, developers are already working on authorizing the request for MEIs through the app.

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MEIS request

In practice, the applicant will have to personally go to the Caixa branch and provide proof of residence and personal documents of the company, as follows:

  • Certificate of Individual Small Entrepreneur Status (CCMEI);
  • DASN SIMEI for the last closed fiscal year;
  • Delivery receipt (proof of invoices, structured with the annual statement until May 31 of each year).

Request by individuals

  • Download or update the app square hisavailable for Android and iOS;
  • update your registration in the application;
  • Click on “Credit Caixa Team”;
  • Click on “Hire Caixa Tem Credit”;
  • Tell us how you intend to use your loan money. Remember that it is necessary to inform you that you will apply the amount in some pledges;
  • loan simulation and selection of the amount of installments;
  • For those who do not have digital savings yet, the opening can be done immediately. There is no requirement for an additional fee to carry out the procedure;
  • Confirm the order and wait for the 10 days provided by the federal government.

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