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Caixa Tem will launch loans of up to R$300;  See how it works

Caixa Tem will launch loans of up to R$300; See how it works

soon Federal Savings Bank The latest credit limit must be released by square his. The purpose is to give users of the microcredit platform the sums of R$100, R$200 and R$300. However, this will only happen after an amount has been paid first aid.

According to the President of the Foundation, Pedro Guimarães, the new service will be provided and awarded only by square his. The platform is expected to be increasingly beneficial to its users, offering resources from the financial world.

Caixa Tem was established in 2020 by Caixa with the Federal Government, in order to be a vehicle for emergency aid transportation. However, at present, it already has many services, in addition to using it to pay the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS) and Bolsa Família.

Cash withdrawal up to 250 thousand Brazilian riyals

In addition to the various services it provides square hisThe financial institution intends to withdraw prepaid cards in the amounts of R$50, R$100 and R$250. In total, there will be four monthly draws for prepaid cards worth R$10,000 each, in addition to one privileged gold certificate worth R$250,000.

Anyone interested in participating in the draw on the platform must create and use the virtual debit card provided in the application. Next, he must access the Vai de Visa website to register. Once this is done, for every four purchases the user will receive a number for prize draws.

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