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Caixa Tem loan can be requested via mobile phone; know how

Sole proprietors and micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) can take advantage of the loan offer from Caixa Tem. It aims to help small businesses, stimulate entrepreneurial initiative, and can be requested by passive and in Online.

The Sim Digital Loan credit option serves to support the novice entrepreneur, as well as to those who are in the process of formalization.

To access it, it is necessary to comply with the rules of the Simplification of Digital Microcredit Program for Entrepreneurs – Digital SIM, in accordance with MTP Decree No. 660/2022.

How to apply for a Caixa Tem mobile loan?

If you want to do it as an individual, the loan is completely digital, and ordering directly through the app BOX, version 1.57.0 or later. Follow step by step:

  • In the Caixa Tem app, select “Hire Caixa TEM Credit”;
  • answer the questionnaire;
  • determine the amount of credit;
  • setting the date for payment of installments;
  • Now select the number of installments;
  • Enter the Caixa Tem password;
  • Finally, just wait for the credit analysis (which may take a few days).

As an individual entrepreneur – MEI, the application must be submitted at CAIXA branches.

What can prevent the release of a Caixa Tem loan?

To get a digital SIM loan, it is necessary to adhere to some rules, which is why many people report that when they try to get approved, they only receive the message “You do not meet the conditions”.

It is essential to note if you qualify as an entrepreneur, as the Caixa Tem loan is aimed at entrepreneurs, especially those who are still young. If a person wants credit for other purposes, the application will be rejected.

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In addition, the lack of registration data contributes to negativity, so you should always update your information in the registry.

Although it is also approved for passive people, if you have a debt above R$3,000 until December 31, 2022, the loan will not be granted.