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Releasing 100 BRL, 200 BRL and 300 BRL via Caixa Team;  See how you get it

Caixa Tem launches up to R$250,000 via app in 2021 via lottery

This week, Caixa Econômica Federal and Visa launched a campaign that aims to award various prizes to people who pay for their purchases through the virtual discount available in the Caixa Tem app. The maximum value in one of the drawings must be up to R$250,000.

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Without further ado, see below what prizes Caixa will be withdrawing:

  • Over 1.4 thousand prepaid cards with values ​​ranging from BRL 50, BRL 100 and BRL 250 each
  • At least four monthly draws of prepaid cards of R$10,000 each;
  • The golden certificate for the grand prize of 250,000 Brazilian riyals; Caixa recommends investing money in a popular home or car.

How do you enter the draw?

To be entered into the draw, you must receive it first aid or other benefits of Caixa Tem. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the lottery.

If you are using the Caixa Tem app, just access the platform Benefits go through Visa and make your own registration (see below for more details on how to create your debit card online).

Once this is done, just start using your debit card online. For every four purchases made, no matter the amount, you get a lucky number.

The more purchases, the higher the numbers and also the higher your chance of winning.

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It is also possible to find detailed regulations and a raffle calendar on the campaign website.

Hurry up to register and start sharing!

How is a Visa Debit Card created through Caixa Tem?

  • The first step is to log into the Caixa Tem app;
  • Once done, just find the following codes CARDS – Debit Card;
  • Then select “Virtual Debit Card” and then “Create Card”;
  • Choose the flag of the card and confirm;
  • Enter your electronic signature and confirm again;
  • Ready, virtual card created!
  • On the screen, display the data and write to register for the promotion (link above);

Also, learn how to generate the security token:

  1. Access to the CAIXA Tem app;
  2. Select the “Virtual Debit Card” option;
  3. Then select the option “Security Code – Create”;

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