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Caixa Tem Credit Card: Discounts can be granted through the Vai de Visa Program

Credit card provided by square his It offers a number of advantages to its users. Tools issued under the Visa brand give access to the Vai de Visa program, which gives various discounts in the field of studies and health, for example.

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Caixa Tem Card and Vai de Visa

Interested citizens can apply for a credit card square his At any time through the application itself. The product has no annual fee and the holder is allowed to have a maximum of two additional cards.

When the card is issued under the Visa brand, the user can enjoy all the benefits offered by the program Go by Visa. Through it, it is possible to obtain discounts on purchases in various establishments, including clothing stores, restaurants, etc.

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However, to get the benefits, the customer must register for the program through the official Visa website. With this, in addition to discounts, it is possible to participate in raffles, support social causes and cashback procedures.

Other services from Caixa Team

It is indicated that in addition to a credit card, the platform Federal Savings Bank It also offers other services, such as the latest, Crédito Caixa Tem and various payment solutions.

Account owner square his You can pay bills and bills, make financial transactions through PIX, make purchases online with a virtual debit card and in person by reading a QR code and recharge your cell phone, among other options.

Caixa Tem launches a new help consultation worth R$400

Evaluate the new social program, Brazil Aid, can already be consulted by the beneficiaries in the application Federal Savings Bank, the square his. The platform is responsible for managing the digital social savings account.

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The cash app has

Through the app, program beneficiaries can pay bills and bank receipts, make purchases online with a virtual debit card or in physical establishments using the machine’s QR code, recharge on their mobile phones, in addition to being able to make transfers through PIX and DOC and TED.

Brazil aid payment

On Thursday (16), the federal government gives the monthly fee to policyholders who have a Social Identification Number (NIS) with the last digit of 5. The average allowance is R$400 per family.

It should be noted that the payment dates Brazil Aid They follow the Bolsa Família model, which is the last ten working days of the month, with a scale of distribution according to the last number of the NIS.

Beneficiaries of family allowance Those with the old program card and password can continue to use the tool to opt out of Caixa and Casas Lotéricas branches and correspondents. BOX here.

Families who received Bolsa Família through the app square his, that is, in a digital savings account, they follow the payments Brazil Aid Through the same method you will be able to continue to transfer interest through the application.

“Caixa is the payment agent. We do not do the evaluation, the one that evaluates the registration is the Ministry of Citizenship, via Dataprev, and every month we receive the base of people who will receive the subsidy,” explains Caixa President, Pedro Guimarães on the mechanism for determining eligible.

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