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Caixa surprises customers by issuing R$1,000; See who gets

The Caixa Economica Federal She recently announced a new partnership with Sebra to launch a new micro-loan for women. According to the bank, a total of R$1 billion will be released for the new credit line, called “Caixa para Elas Empreendedoras”.

At first , lend It aims to serve the group of women entrepreneurs, who are in the initial stage of their career, without formalization. The financial institution reports that to obtain credit, a worker must formalize a Small Individual Entrepreneur (MEI) and take a training course.

In addition, the line of credit is formed according to the investment needs of the entrepreneur. The procedure, which has been available since the last nineteenth century, allows an average ticket per line worth R$1,000.

Training procedures for entrepreneurs

Caixa and Sibra reported that they are carrying out actions to assist women entrepreneurship throughout Brazil, with the aim of training as many women as possible for their business activities.

It is expected to serve about 30 million women, including formal and informal entrepreneurs. Both organizations offer training courses, mentoring for formalization, and incentives to open their businesses.

Women with dirty names can also apply for credit

president Caixa Economica Federal She also announced that a line of credit may be requested by passive entrepreneurs, as long as these women formalize their businesses and become micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs).

Brazil’s aid will not be cut off

However, according to the Caixa president, it is the entrepreneurs who benefit from the program Brazil aid You will not fail to get the benefit by contracting a line of credit 1000 Brazilian Real🇧🇷

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In addition, three months after the formalization, the beneficiary will be able to apply for a Caixa credit card and credit card receivable. Seven months after formalization, the professional will have access to Fundo de Aval para such as Micro e Pequenas Empresas (Fampe), which is R$ 12,000, and after 12 months, entrepreneurs will be able to obtain loans in larger amounts, such as Pronampe.

New loan up to R$2,500 through AuxĂ­lio Brasil

The Caixa Economica Federal I started offering payroll loan for Brazil aid On the eleventh of October. The financial institution also disclosed, by the way, the terms of the contract for the service. The average value of operations is R$2,500.

Social program beneficiaries can commit up to 40% of their benefit, which equates to a maximum premium of R$160 per month. The applicable interest is 3.45% per month, and the debt can be paid in a maximum of 24 installments.

What are the banks that provide the loan?

Currently, the banks that provide the loan are:

  • Caixa EconĂ´mica Federal, with interest of 3.45% per month;
  • Pintos S / A Creditos, with an interest rate of 2.89% per month;
  • QI Sociedade de Credito S/A, with rates of 3.39% per month;
  • Banco Pan, for those who have already registered.

How to apply for a loan payable by Caixa?

If you are interested in applying for AuxĂ­lio Brasil Payroll Loan, you only need to have a digital savings account at his box and meet the following basic service standards:

  • have been receiving benefits for more than 90 days;
  • There is no end date for receiving benefits;
  • Not to fail to attend the Ministry of Citizenship summons.
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To check these requirements, simply follow the steps below to apply:

  1. access to the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS);
  2. Click “Loan”.
  3. select salary installment options;
  4. Choose whether to take out the loan with or without insurance;
  5. Click the boxes to certify the required contract terms;
  6. Enter the password;
  7. wait 48 hours analysis;
  8. If everything is correct, Caixa will directly deposit the amount into Caixa Tem account.

It is worth noting that the loan can also be concluded at the branches of the financial institution. You just need to go to the bank personally and provide the necessary documents.

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