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Caixa reduces finance premiums during maternity leave

Caixa reduces finance premiums during maternity leave

Caixa Economica Federal focuses on creativity Special conditions for women, especially for mothers. The bank announced a series of advantages last week, including the possibility of reducing the value of financing installments during maternity leave.

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A customer who has a mortgage agreement may pay 75% of the installment amount for a period of 6 months, including the remaining balance in case of any default. The Bank assured that the measure will have a permanent character with respect to the housing credit of the SBPE scheme.

Other measures

Women will also be able to stop payments from the Credit Direct Caixa line for four months (Center for Disease Control) in renegotiation contracts and personal credit for renewable energy. The requirement will be implemented from the end of September and will apply in cases of maternity or adoption.

In addition, a discount of up to 2% on the salary rate will be offered exclusively to the female audience. The mortgage shall have a special rate of 1.89% and a limit of up to 100% of the security value for renewal.

Other stated benefits are a 5% discount on the interest rate on the CDC line and a 10% reduction on management fees when contracting with an automobile consortium. The measures are part of the Caixa Pra Elas programme.

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