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Caixa offers 3 loan options in addition to Caixa Tem Credit

Caixa offers 3 loan options in addition to Caixa Tem Credit

Caixa Tem, an app developed by Federal Savings Bank To initially release emergency aid payments, it ended up gaining new features. Thus, even today Caixa Tem is allowed to order loans. One of the most talked about things right now is attributed to him Caixa Tem, which offers options in values ​​from 300 BRL to 1000 BRL.

However, according to economists, the interest rate on this option is not the best, reaching 3.99%. So, to give you more choices, we give you 3 more options for lend On Caixa Plus Caixa Tem Credit. Check it out below.

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Thus, according to the report on monetary and credit statistics of the Central Bank, the average interest rate applied in banking systems at the moment alternates between 1.45% and 2.42%. In other words, the 3.99% rate is not very useful. So, here are 3 more options that Caixa offers.

Predict FGTS

Currently, FGTS allows birthday loot membership, which is a method of providing annually a portion of the credit, as well as a bonus according to the scale of the credit. However, one of the biggest advantages of a raffle birthday is the expectation of 3 to 5 years worth of value, depending on the available balance. Thus, the interest in question ends up declining, due to the FGTS guarantee of the financial institution. In the case of Caixa Econômica Federal, the loan has a fixed interest rate of 1.09% per month.

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CDC automatic

Another option is CDC automatic, a pre-approved credit line available to Caixa Econômica Federal account holders. You can apply for this loan either through the app or through online banking and even through ATMs. In this case, among the advantages of CDC Automatic, an interest rate of 2.17% per month, and the ability to make installments within 48 months.

Deposited cash

Finally, you have the option of a Caixa payroll loan, which is one of the best options for those seeking credit, as it is deducted directly from the payroll, the risk of default is zero. Therefore, institutions end up being able to offer better interest rates. At Caixa, in addition to an interest rate starting at 0.94% per month, payroll deductible loans are usually issued even to workers with dirty names. know more!

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