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Caixa launches withdrawals of up to three batches from FGTS to Employees |  Rede Jornal Contábil

Caixa launches withdrawals of up to three batches from FGTS to Employees | Rede Jornal Contábil

Workers who are in the middle of the pandemic and are looking for higher additional income can count on expecting up to three FGTS installments.

Withdrawing up to three installments of the Guarantee Fund is permitted for workers who have joined the withdrawal remembrance method, that is, those who have stopped choosing to withdraw and choose to withdraw part of the fund values ​​every year more. Precisely in the month of birth.

Therefore, Caixa Econômica Federal allows for withdrawals of up to three installments in the form of a loan, whereby a worker stops receiving a Christmas withdrawal for a period of up to three years and is thus able to expect up to three installments, that is, three years from the anniversary of withdrawal through a credit Uses the values ​​that the worker will receive as collateral.

In addition, since the method is guaranteed by the FGTS itself, there is practically no default, that is, it is possible to obtain this advance even for workers who have restrictions in their names.

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How does FGTS balance work

As a general rule, the credit through the withdrawal memory allows workers to recover amounts close to the accumulated three years of the method, with a minimum redemption of validity permitted at a minimum of R $ 2,000.

The application is executed online, without the need to attend any of the bank’s branches. However, since it is a credit it has certain conditions so that the worker is aware and can apply for it.

  • Monthly interest: 0.99%;
  • Annually accrued interest: 12.54%;
  • Minimum loan amount: R $ 2,000;
  • Outlook: Up to 3 years of benefit.
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For those who do not understand much about the loan interest rate, as the credit has an FGTS withdrawal anniversary guarantee, it does not contain the risk of default, that is, because of this point, Caixa is able to provide an interest rate between the lowest of everything related to the credit. Personal, as well as viability for those with a dirty name.

How to hire

Workers interested in contracting a credit with a guaranteed withdrawal for their birthday can apply through the FGTS app available for iOS and Android phones, as well as Caixa’s online banking services.

  • Access to the application or online banking services;
  • Select the credit limit option;
  • Write down the number of installments and the values ​​you intend to pay;
  • Perform simulation
  • If the values ​​are in agreement, click “employ”;
  • Add your electronic signature;
  • Save the receipt and the submitted application.

What is Christmas loot?

Withdrawal Anniversary was created in 2019 so that a taxpayer can withdraw once a year, according to his date of birth, a proportional amount that corresponds to the total available to his guarantee fund.

If the worker decides on the method and then changes his mind, he will have to wait 24 months for the change to take effect. The current model for the FGTS (Time-of-Service Guarantee Fund) is withdrawals and whoever prefers to keep it won’t need to do anything.

Membership can be done through the FGTS app or via Square site. Simply click on “My FGTS” and then on the “Withdrawal -iversary” option, where you will have the option to click and join the method. Membership can be applied for until the last business day of the worker’s birthday month.

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The annual withdrawal allows a 50% refund of the fund for those who have up to 500 BRL in the account, up to 5% for those with more than 20,000 BRL. Those with a balance of up to R $ 500 can withdraw 50% of the FGTS amount. The percentage decreases as the amount of money increases.

For example: a worker with a balance of R $ 1,500 in the guarantee fund will be able to withdraw a percentage of this, 30% (450 R $), plus an additional premium of R $ 150. Hence, he will be able to withdraw 600 BRL.

Check the table:

The balance ranges at R $ Withdrawal percentage Additional plot
Up to R $ 500.00 50% _
De R $ 500.01 a R $ 1.000.00 40% 50 BRL
De R $ 1.000.01 a R $ 5.000.00 30% 150 BRL
5.000,01 BRL 10,000,00 BRL 20% 650 BRL
R $ 10.000,01 a R $ 15.000,00 15th% 1.150 BRL
15.000,01 BRL 20.000,00 BRL 10% 1.900 BRL
Above 5% 2,900 BRL