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Caixa Home Ownership Financing Will Have Low Interest

Caixa Home Ownership Financing Will Have Low Interest

Caixa Economica Federal announced last week a cut in interest rates in Finance to me private houseusing resources FGTS. New rates will start from TR + 7.66% per annum for properties with values ​​up to 350,000 BRL. The drop recorded is 1 pp compared to the previous rate.

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For properties over R$ 350,000, which is limited to the housing finance system cap of R$ 1.5 million, the rate has been reduced by 0.5% or about 8.16% per annum + TR

The contract of financing at the new rates needs two conditions: the person making the offer must be in the manner favorable to the shareholders and also contract for the credit until December 31 of this year.

The bank also announced an increase in the financing share for the pro-shareholder line to about 80% of the appraised value of the property. For those supporting contributors, financing of new or used homes anywhere in Brazil with values ​​up to R$1.5 million is allowed. This is the cheapest real estate line of credit not included in the Casa Verde e Amarela program.

In pro-shareholders, it is necessary for the purchaser of the property to have at least three years of FGTS contribution and a balance of at least 10% of the value of the asset to be financed in escrow fund accounts.

The method also requires that the buyer’s total household income not be obligated to 30% of the financing installments. Efforts to increase funding for the pro-shareholder streak have as a “leftover” background from FGTS resources, because there has been a very strong decline in the number of projects contracted by builders this year, amid rising costs.

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