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The withdrawal of 9 million Brazilians from the FGTS continues until July 29

Caixa entitles 12 withdrawals of R$1,000 from FGTS; See who receives

The federal government authorized Exceptional withdrawal up to 1000 BRL For millions of workers across the country. To access the resources, it is enough to have a balance available in the accounts FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund).

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Twelve blocks were released, which together add up to R$9.2 billion in resources. Many people have already taken the opportunity to redeem this extra money, but the deadline is still open until December 15 for those who still want to withdraw.

FGTS Exceptional Draw

As mentioned, all citizens who have a balance in active or inactive linked accounts can participate, except for those who have signed up birthday loot Or the resource is blocked by Justice. Find out who can opt out:

  • urban worker
  • rural worker;
  • temporary workers
  • intermittent or single;
  • professional athlete;
  • housekeeper;
  • safflower;

Caixa Econômica Federal has automatically deducted funds from .’s digital social media account square his For everyone, there is no need to make any requests.

Participation is optional

Anniversary withdrawal of Express Transfer plan is not mandatory and should only be made by those who wish to withdraw funds now. However, if the worker decides to transfer only part of the released funds, the remaining amount will not be returned to the linked accounts.

The remaining balance will still be available to the contributor to the Caixa Tem digital account for their use when and how they prefer. The application enables transfers, payments, withdrawals and other services.

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