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Caixa ends FGTS dividend payout to 106.7 million workers;  See how you consult

Caixa ends FGTS dividend payout to 106.7 million workers; See how you consult

The cashier Concluded, Tuesday 26th, dividends amounting to 13.2 billion Omani riyals, indicating profits of 2021 Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS). 106.7 million workers with a FGTS account had a balance on December 31, 2021. See below, who is eligible and how to consult.

With the amounts credited, the projected FGTS accounts came to a return of 5.83% annually, an indicator that roughly offsets the 2021 savings correction, which was 2.99%.

the federal headquarters of Caixa Ecomica; The bank concluded the distribution of FGTS 2021 dividends to 106.7 million workers. take photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agencia Brazil

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Distribution of FGTS dividend is a legal measure aimed at increasing the profitability of FGTS accounts for employees, by distributing a part of the positive result received by the Employees Stop Compensation Fund, as well as the monthly bonus paid through the application of the reference rate (TR) plus 3% per year.

The result of the fund comes from the return on its applications and investments in it LivingAnd the Sewageand infrastructure and health, as a result of the governance of the FGTS Board of Trustees and Caixa’s role as operator.

How much will each worker earn from FGTS profit?

The higher the balance of the account associated with the FGTS, the greater the amount that the worker must receive. To find out what profit share will be deposited, the worker must multiply the balance of each account in his name on December 31 of the last year by 0.02748761. This factor means, in practical terms, that for every R$1,000 of the balance, the shareholder will receive R$27.49.

Even the loss from inflation, the FGTS has achieved more than saving account. Last year, savings made only 2.94%, influenced by Selic (Primary interest in the economy), which stood at 2% annually for most of 2021 and only increased as of August of last year.

How to check FGTS balance?

The full statement can be accessed through the FGTS app, from Caixa Econômica Federal, available for the Android and iOS operating systems. To download the FGTS app: iOS And the Android.

Until recently, the bank offered the option to consult the institution’s website, but all electronic services related to the FGTS were transferred exclusively to the application.

The worker needs to register with personal information as well as inform the Social Registration Number (NIS), which can be obtained from FGTS extracts, business card or citizen card. Next, you need to create a 6-digit numeric password. Workers who already have registration need to inform their CPF and their password to enter.

Those who cannot perform the online consultation should go to any Caixa branch to request the statement at the service desk. The bank also sends a paper FGTS statement every two months to the registered address. Those who have changed their place of residence should search for a Caixa branch or call 0800-726-0101 and report the new address.

Who is entitled to the FGTS profit?

Active or inactive account holders in the FGTS are entitled to a dividend from the previous year. By law, the money must be deposited by August 31 of the following year, but this year, the FGTS Board of Trustees decided to bring forward the distribution date.

a look over here Cases and documents necessary for the withdrawal of the FGTS. / With the agency of Brazil

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