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Caixa beats Nubank with a 100% return on CDI without tax

Caixa beats Nubank with a 100% return on CDI without tax

The cashier Federal Economic has a special opportunity on Black Friday. Until Friday, the 25th, those who invest in real estate letters of credit (LCI) can benefit from an income of up to 100% of CDI And liquidity from 90 days on investments over R$1,000. There are no administrative fees or income tax.

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It is a good opportunity for those who intend to invest in real estate credit securities and have the assurance of more security, profitability and exemption from income tax.

LCI in Caixa

To invest in LCI it is necessary to have a current account in Caixa as an individual. Those who still do not have one should look for an agency to open the account and only then apply.

On the other hand, Caixa customers can access LCI through the website or the app. The first step to a good and safer investment is to define your investor profile.

Once done, just read the app’s trading conditions. According to Caixa, investments in LCI are low risk.

LCI’s own case for Sexta Vieira Negra In Caixa it exceeded the terms offered by Nubank. It’s just that in a digital bank, income tax collection starts when the investment starts to yield.

The tax rate depends on how long the money remains stable. Thus, the longer the time, the lower the percentage. For example, if it stops between 181 to 360 days it is 20%. Between 361 and 720 days it rises to 17.5%.

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Caixa also states that LCI Caixa is CDI-linked and has a return of up to 100%, as well as 90 days of liquidity on investments starting from R$1,000. On the due date, funds that have not yet been redeemed will automatically fall into the customer’s checking account.