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Businessman Abel Ferreira talks about the future and answers the FPF about the calendar

Hugo Kajuda, coach Abel Ferreira, from Palmeiras, He did not like what he heard from Reynaldo Carneiro de BastosPresident of the Sao Paulo Football Association. In an interview with Mesa Redonda, the director criticized the Portuguese art’s speech about Paulista’s use as a laboratory.

Kajoda spoke to UOL Esporte.

I don’t think Abel is being pursued, either by CBF or FPF. Abel is well received in Brazil by the vast majority of people. Now, what I consider completely unnatural and unreasonable is that the head of the FPF comes to analyze and comment on Abel’s words in the press. I don’t think this is his job. He can use this time to take care of his work. what’s the job? Create a program and decide, together with the CBF, the best way to organize a calendar that protects and values ​​football, the player and coach in Brazil. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. Brazilian football is hampered by the extra absurdity of matches, which does not exist anywhere in the world, and it is not even necessary to be very smart, not even a genius, to understand that it is wrong. People insist not wanting to see it fired.

The professional also revealed that Abel was wanted by some clubs and had higher offers, but he is happy with Almeiras and wants to continue working.

“Abel has already received various offers to leave Palmeiras, from several countries. The proposals have somehow paid three or four times the salary. But, at this moment, Abel is only focusing on Palmeiras. He is focusing on the sporting side of his career, not the economic side, otherwise he would have been He had already left the club, because the parties concerned were also ready to pay the dismissal penalty. He showed no interest in developing the subjects. I see it naturally, because in the 2020/21 season, Abel is the best Portuguese coach, with the best results and of course the best coach in South America, even I I think it’s not just my opinion, I think it’s consensual. “

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The coach has a contract until the end of 2022. Abel led the team in the Copa Libertadores da America invasions in 2020. He will have the opportunity to become the Paulista champion if São Paulo wins the decision.

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