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Bruno Talamo is the first to be eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 15.69% of the vote - A Fazenda 14

Bruno Talamo is the first to be eliminated from A Fazenda 14 with 15.69% of the vote – A Fazenda 14

farm 14 Bruno Talamo has come to an end! The pawn was the first to be eliminated from the competition in the live program on Thursday (22), with 15.69% of the vote. The journalist lost the dispute to favor the public over Deborah and Thiago, in a vote held in R7.com.

The first rosa was formed last Tuesday (20). Farmer Lucas Santos pointed Deborah Albuquerque straight to the first seat. After the headquarters vote, Andre Marinho inaugurated the power of the red flameHe obtained it from Iran, and nullified the vote of three pawns.

The singer chose Bruno, Deborah and Kerlin. However, with 9 votes, Thiago Ramos was the most voted pawn by headquarters and pulled Bruno Talamo out of Baia.

During his short time in reality, he got involved with beef, trying to find partnerships and even changing his looks! The journalist made an alliance with Deborah during a tree house conversation and was chosen by her to be Baia twice in a row. The actress said it was a strategy to protect him from Roca.

Right in the preview show, Bruno referred to Alex Gallett as the game’s biggest potential enemy. The pawns took the barbs to headquarters and argued several times, but Come to make peace.

Despite being the first to be eliminated, he lived intensely while in rural reality, celebrated his birthday with a cake prepared by his colleagues and even radically changed his appearance, bleaching his beard and eyebrows.

After asking Shay for protection during his survival dynamic and thwarting his plan, The journalist was chosen by Thiago in the Roca formation And after losing the cultivator’s trial, he was first eliminated from farm 14.

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Here’s how the pawn was disposed of:

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, farm 14 It is broadcast from Monday to Sunday, at nights TV recording. arrive to Play Plus And follow 24 hours a day everything that happens in Celero de Lindas.