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Bruno Pereira goes to Italy and is among the top 25 information producers in the world

Photo: Bachelor of Photography

By Hotmart, Brazilian businessman Bruno Pereira is one of the 25 most important businessmen in the world. The award was given to the entrepreneur at a ceremony in Italy, in July of this year, in recognition of the large volume of courses he sells through the site.

After revealing his career as a former telemarketer and bag seller in Paraguay to the point of making millions importing all kinds of products, mainly from the United States (on a regular basis), he set up a specialized course in tech and already has over 100,000 students in all over the country.

“It is very much appreciated for me to be invited to this event at Hotmart. There I see my course, there I see there is recognition from the audience, and the more and more I receive these comments, the more it motivates me to produce this content for more people,” he celebrates .

In class, in practice, Bruno knows how entrepreneurs can do the same thing he does, at the lowest possible cost, but within all applicable laws and requirements.

“At the event in Italy, (Hotmart) brought together the 25 largest producers in the world, the producers of information, in this case. In other words, it put me on this list of honor, it shows that I am among the top 25 in the world,” he concluded, celebrating .

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