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Bruninho does not want to return to the stands at Vila Belmiro: 'Very big shock'

Bruninho does not want to return to the stands at Vila Belmiro: ‘Very big shock’

Bruninho was the guest of “Mesa Redonda” from Gazeta TV, this Sunday. The 9-year-old had a magical week after a panic at Villa Belmiro.

The boy asked for a Gelson shirt, from Palmeiras, in the seventh classic, and some “fans” did not like it and the military police had to intervene to calm the atmosphere.

Bruninho took to social media and apologized. The video echoed and reached Neymar and Pele, and Santos called the young man from Santos to watch the Red Bull Bragantino match from the penalty area, and at the end of this week, he continued to train the Brazilian national team.

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“The biggest feeling I had was to meet the players of the Brazilian national team and, like Neymar,” said Bruninho.

“This week has been amazing. We received support from the entire Santos Mass. We were embraced in a way I can’t explain. So many messages of support, affection and respect. Villa Belmiro is our second home. We always go to Villa, we are partners and regular users. Not in a million years can I save 1% of what he lives today. In May or April he said hi to Neymar on Instagram. Now CBF has called and said Neymar wants to meet Bruno. I was amazed,” said Moises Nascimento, Bruninho’s father.

Bruninho had his happy moments, but he does not want to return to the stands at Villa Belmiro.

“I prefer (watching from home rather than stadium). It was a big shock. I received the shirt and people started applauding him (Gilson) for his kind gesture. But some started swearing at us and spitting on us, ‘The profanity is heavy,’” the boy recalled.

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“When I circulated this fight there, the security guards came and the military police came after us. They were a help to us. But it wouldn’t change the love I had for Santos at all,” he added.

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The perpetrators have not been identified. Bruninho receives offensive messages on social networks even today.

“I showed it now,” Moises said. “There are people cursing until now. I have a lot of messages. We take screenshots and then delete and block them.”

The future is not saints

Bruninho has been approved in a test and will play for Santos U9s from January. The sieve happened before this sad episode of the derby against Palmeiras.

“I’m going to perform in Santos in January. I took the test and passed it,” Bruninho celebrated.

He concluded his speech by saying, “I am a right-back and a defender, and I am left-handed.”

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