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Bruna Griffaue runs wild because she has lice, leaving Larissa terrified. TV news

On Wednesday morning (25), Bruna Grippo It started spreading all over the house BBB 23 That he has lice, because he scratches his head a lot. make distrust Larissa Santos Frightened, they slept together in the bed of the commandant’s room.

“I think I have lice,” said the actress, with her hands in her hair. Larisa f unique free, who were bathing by the pool, started laughing. “from nothing?” asked the physical education teacher.

“I think I have real lice, guys,” insisted the artist. “If you were there, I’d be there too, right?” Santa Catarina, the woman worried. “Your hair has chemistry,” Bruna recalls.

“My wisdom (sunni) is born, I am full of biriba,” Malhação’s ex recounted. “Dude, you’re back in your childhood,” the reporter quipped. “Exactly, everything happens,” the carioca complained.

Afterwards, Bruna enters the house and tells Gabriel Santana and Bruno Nogueira that she has lice. The two of them started poking around her head to look for the parasite, but they couldn’t see anything.

Despite the mistrust, the actress has yet to seek medical attention to confirm if she does in fact have lice.

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