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Broadway adaptation of “Back to the Future” will cost R$500 million

Scheduled to open on Broadway in 2023, Back to the Future – Music will consume at least 1.21 gigawatts each time it is presented at the Winter Garden Theater there. One of the most anticipated releases on the New York stage next year, the theatrical production is based on the big-screen classic of the same name that appeared in cinemas in 1985, starring Michael J. Fox under the direction of Robert Zemeckis.

A version of the film was released in the form of a stage musical in 2021 in London’s West End, “Broadway in the UK”, and was a huge success. However, on the original Broadway, the expectation was that “Back to the Future – Music” would be more successful, considering that productions of this type, when “Americanized”, generally produce much more.

By the way, the production of “Back to the Future – The Musical” will cost 100 million US dollars (526.5 million Brazilian reais), a figure that will make it the most expensive of its kind in history. This title currently belongs to “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”, which opened in 2010 on Broadway at a cost of US$75 million (R$395 million). If it really works, the story of a young man who manages to travel through time will have the potential to raise nearly US$1 billion (R$5.3 billion) in ticket sales over the years that will likely remain in theaters.

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