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British woman loses 214,000 Brazilian riyals after her mother's treatment for maternal cancer was faked

British woman loses 214,000 Brazilian riyals after her mother’s treatment for maternal cancer was faked

Blind for love. This is how Briton Alison Wood, 51, explained how she fell into a scam and lost £35,000. Her ex-boyfriend Umit Soko, 51, said her mother has cancer and needs money for treatment in her home country of Turkey.

The case gained repercussions in the English press this week. to me daily MailThe couple met in October 2018. The man said he needed to send money abroad for treatment breast cancer from her mother, but she actually used the money to fund her home lifestyle. The case took place in Bristol, England, and made its way to court.

According to reports, Sucu claimed that he was trying to access his bank account in Istanbul, but to no avail, and asked Alison to pay the amount, equivalent to R$90,000. The investigation pointed to another destination for the money: Prosecutors said Soko did not send the money abroad, but used it to pay “every day for things like loans and tickets.”

Soko was sentenced earlier this month and will have to pay around R$90,000, but Allison says he owes her twice that amount. She said at the trial, according to the English tabloid: “I was blinded by what I thought was love, but now I see what it really is. It’s a shame it took me so long to find out.”

Alison said she is “blind with love”

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Alison told the court that her mother died a short time later and Soko helped her organize the funeral. According to her, her boyfriend’s lies began to fall apart when she ran into his ex-girlfriend, who told her that he was still married.

“I spoke to his wife who said they still shared the house and even the bed,” Alison said. “I wanted to believe that wasn’t right, but suddenly it all made sense.”

Soko promised to pay Alison an inheritance, which she later finds out wasn’t there at all. “At that moment, I called the police. The foundation of our entire relationship was built on lies, both financially and emotionally, because he was also unfaithful throughout our relationship.”

Sucu was arrested in October 2020, and pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud.

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