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Brexit. Regulation of new immigrant status creates delays at Portuguese embassies in the United Kingdom

Regulating immigrant status in the United Kingdom Creates a delay in the response of Portuguese embassy services. The deadline is June 30 and On July 1, no one will be able to continue living or working in the area without the new status Immigrant. The government guarantees reinforcement in response.

Bertha Nunes, Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities “Everyone will be guaranteed the support they need to submit applications,” he told Peplico. Until now, More than 380 thousand countries have already applied To the new immigrant status – a The number of Portuguese with the declared address is greater than Not the UK.

Rui Nunes, the scientific coordinator of the Immigration Laboratory, explains, “When the United Kingdom was in the European Union, many Portuguese people entered that territory and did not feel the need to enroll in any service in the target country: this was an irregular situation, but nothing to create fines.” Now, with ‘Brexit’, of course thousands of Portuguese people are trying to regularize their situation, “he explains.

“It simply came to our notice then Those who have lived here for twenty or thirty years and cannot apply Solution level They could not find a place to attend because the documents were out of date. They are afraid to go to Portugal to do the documents because they may not be able to come back, ”said Domingos Cabinas, owner of the only Portuguese labor recruitment agency in London. NATO Recruitment Agency.