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Brendan Fraser’s make-up for the movie “The Whale” took 6 hours a day

Brendan Fraser’s make-up for the movie “The Whale” took 6 hours a day

The actor was nominated for an Oscar for the film in which he plays a 270-kilogram man.

Brendan Fraserthe actor known for “The Mummy” and “George, King of the Jungle”, was Oscar nominated For his role in “The Whale”. in the movie Fraser explains Charliethe English teacher who Weighs 270 kg And don’t leave the house. For the production, the actor had to go through Intensive and meticulous process involve Make-up and prosthetics.

To play the protagonist of “The Whale”, Fraser necessary gaining weight And he wears a prosthesis that made him look 300 lbs fat. In addition, he underwent a make-up process that could reach It lasts up to six hours a day.

The artist who took care of the actor’s transformation process, Adrian Morotexplains that the main challenge with makeup is doing something realistic and respectful, what Don’t distract from the character.

One time lapse video of operation in a Entertainment Weekly article, Journal of American Traditional Entertainment. says the make-up artist Fraser and the The sweetest person I’ve ever met And that he trusts the work of prostheses, and only asks that The end result was respectable with obese people.


being “whale” It was officially launched on Thursday. 23, in Brazilian cinemas. In a movie by the controversial American director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), character Fraser search if Reconnect with your teenage daughter, Translated by Sadie Sink (Weird things).

a How did the movie depict obesity? Morbida has been the subject of controversy since its premiere at the 2022 Venice International Film Festival. Fraser It was praised by critics and audiences alike, and is a cult favourite Best Actor Award At this year’s Academy Awards, which will be held on March 12th.

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In addition to FraserYou Oscar nominees For Best Actor this year the following Austin Butler (Elvis, available on HBO Max), Bill Nighy (Live, not scheduled for release in Brazil), Colin Farrell (Inisherin Banshees, in theaters) and Paul Mescal (Aftersun, available from MUBI).