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Imigrantes ilegais são enviados para o controle de fronteiras

Brazilians deported by the US government are coming to Brazil this Friday

Illegal immigrants are sent to border control
Photo: Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Brazilians deported by US government will return home on Friday (21). It was the first movement to deport large numbers of Brazilian immigrants since Joe Biden took office.

The deportation of Brazilians was confirmed by an international analyst CNN Lurival Sand’Anna with diplomatic evidence. In all, 106 Brazilians will be sent on a flight to Belo Horizonte this Friday (21).

Itamarati said in a statement that it was monitoring the progress of the deportation. “The Brazilian government has been notified of the flight and is monitoring progress, with the aim of ensuring decent treatment for deported Brazilian citizens.”

“The deportation process takes place entirely under US law and sovereign jurisdiction.

The move by President Joe Biden is similar to that taken during the administration of former President Donald Trump, who had an anti-immigrant policy.

Biden, in the first 100 days of his government, suspended deportations and reversed the Trump administration’s continued actions, which were questioned by pro-immigrants.

During the election campaign, Biden promised to treat undocumented immigrants trying to enter the United States in an undocumented manner. However, as has traditionally been the case in the United States, the issue of immigration has been one of the major problems he has faced since the Democrats began to occupy the country’s presidency.

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