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Brazilian man shot in car in US |  The world

Brazilian man shot in car in US | The world

Brazilian Jono Pedro Elyse Marcesani, 23, who was shot in the head in Chicago, USA, has been hospitalized for almost a month in critical condition. According to his mother, Monica Elyse Marcesani, the situation was completely free and the family was completely destroyed.

Jono was going to a bar with his girlfriend and friend in the back seat of a friend’s car when the driver noticed an armed motorcyclist following them in the rearview mirror in the early hours of September 5. Fearing an attack, he “closed” the bike driver and turned away.

After a while, the motorcycle reappeared, and with him came the second motorcycle, in which there were two men. A passenger on a second motorcycle fired eight shots into a car carrying an armed Brazilian. Jono was the only one hit with the bullet that entered the back of his head and hit his brain.

According to Monica, the youngsters celebrated the new residence where Jono and his girlfriend live together. They shopped in the afternoon for groceries for the place, and their son had cooked before they left.

Two months ago, she and her husband and a young son moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where John stayed in Chicago, where he studied robotics. But the couple were in town precisely to see the new place where their son lives.

“Thank God, with regard to this area, we hope it will be resolved and justice will be served soon,” he says.

“We were told he was awake, clear, very frightened and came to the hospital. He knew what had happened to him and said he could not feel the left side of his body,” the young man’s mother said.

The parents authorized to put a drain on the brain, but this procedure was not enough to reduce the swelling of the brain, and Jono underwent surgery in which he removed even a part of the skull. He was then pushed into an induced coma.

Since then, he has fought vigorously for life, facing pneumonia and other infections he has developed. It was under these circumstances that, on September 27, he completed 23 years of life.

“Slowly it is developing well. He was discharged from the ICU. On Thursday he was transferred to the trauma unit. He is still in a critical condition and life threatening, but he is growing well and no longer needs a respirator”, the mother, who was by his side all day from the beginning, moderately celebrates her. Hospitalization.

She lists her son’s hardships and progress and explains that doctors have not yet been able to predict whether he will be temporary or constantly changing.

“I am confident that I will take him home,” he says, although doctors are considering talking to him early on based on his prognosis for recovery.

Monica also mentions an interest in therapy: an ardent fan of rapper Travis Scott, who reacts every time his son listens to his songs. “I always keep it for him. He’s quiet when he asks.” Somehow, she says she wants to get in touch with the artist to talk about the situation and, who knows, to post a pro-Jono message.

After the initial frustration of saving their son’s life, the family begins to think about medical costs, which are of great concern in the United States, where procedures are more expensive.

“In times of emergency, when life is in danger, medical insurance, the bill is ours,” Monica explains, adding that she does not have health insurance for her son. “In the long run – we know it will cross the millions”.

For example, doctors have already said that we should have an embracing home and we know that with a lot of physiotherapy there will be a long physical and neurological recovery. Besides, Jono can’t work long hours, ”his mother recalled.

Made a family friend A campaign on the GoFundMe website Raise $ 50,000 for emergency expenses, and the amount has almost arrived, but it may not be enough. Jono’s father also has an account (see below) and a friend has registered A PIX key To receive donations from Brazil.