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Brazilian Fox TV series, Expedição Oriente, to be shown in the US · TV News

Brazilian Fox TV series, Expedição Oriente, to be shown in the US · TV News

Expedição Oriente, a Brazilian TV series produced by Fox, will be shown in the United States and three other countries through the live broadcast service Tubi, a division of the studio that includes in the catalog movies and TV shows produced by major players in the market, such as Paramount Pictures and MGM.

Consisting of ten episodes, Expedição Oriente tells the story of the Schurmann family’s journey around the world, inspired by the expeditions that the Chinese took hundreds of years ago.

The Brazilian sailors sailed nearly 50,000 kilometers, crossing the four oceans, on an 812-day voyage with nearly 50 stops around the planet. The direction is David Schuurman, son of the patriarch and expedition leader, Wilfredo Schuurman.

David said, “With Tubi, viewers from North America and Oceania will also be able to watch this patriotic series, which offers amazing story, captivation, beautiful visuals, exciting moments, adventure, mystery, culture, fun and entertainment.” Statement of pressure.

According to the filmmaker, the series is not only about his family’s journey, but also presents a cultural, religious, environmental and behavioral diversity that was discovered in the various countries that were part of the journey.

The director concluded, “We are many on this planet and we have many differences. It is gratifying to experience and respect those differences. The most satisfying thing is to be able to share this with the public.”

Expedição Oriente was originally launched in 2017 and shown in Brazil by National Geographic, which also had an exclusive broadcast in other Latin American countries.

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Watch the trailer:

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