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Brazilian flying car? Yes, and it will be operational soon

Helisul, Moya Aero and Helisul Aviation, the national companies in airlineannounced a strategic partnership last week to develop the logistics of Brazil’s first flying car.

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The vehicle, called Moya eVTOL, is an all-electric drone that can carry up to 200kg and has a range of 110km. Helisul Drones, the remotely piloted aircraft division of the Helisul Group, has been awarded a license to produce 50 of these electronic drones.

The Moya eVTOL is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft that operates like an electric vehicle and is designed to serve a wide range of logistical and agricultural uses. Being electric allows the vehicle to operate with zero emissions, plus the design brings efficiency gains.

The Brazilian flying car will be the first self-driving car in Latin America

The model is not only unprecedented in Brazil: the Moya eVTOL will be the first self-driving flying car developed in Latin America and is expected to make its maiden flight by the end of this year.

From its entry into service, which is scheduled for the end of 2025, the vehicle will open a new means of logistics transportation in the region. Helisul is an airline operating in Brazil for half a century and has one of the largest helicopter fleets in Latin America, with more than 50 aircraft.

On the other hand, Helisul Drones operate in highly specialized operational sectors, which require advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel. “We believe the Moya eVTOL will revolutionize cargo transportation with more flexibility and productivity. The Moya’s high payload capacity and flight range are ideal for this type of mission. Not to mention it’s a clean, carbon-neutral ride,” says Humberto Biesuz, Helisul’s executive supervisor.


Although developed in Brazil, the cost of the Moya eVTOL and whether it will only be available for operations within the country has not been disclosed.