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Brazilian confirmed for 24th edition of ‘Big Brother’ in America – 06/07/2022

06/07/2022 | 12:17

For the first time in Big Brother America history, a Brazilian is among the contestants. The list of participants was released this Tuesday, the 5th, and flight attendant and digital influencer Indy Santos will represent the country in the North American version of the reality show.

Born in Santos on the coast of Sao Paulo, Indy is 31 years old, single and lives in Los Angeles, USA. This is the 24th edition of Big Brother North American and 16 people are competing for a prize of 750 thousand dollars (more than R$ 4 million in current prices).

In a video posted on Instagram to announce his participation, the Brazilian said: “Thank you so much everyone. Send me prayers, cover me with light. I will represent our country and Latinos around the world.”

Airing on the CBS network, the reality show premieres this Wednesday, the 6th, and is available on Hulu and Paramount+.


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