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Brazilian band Crypta collects the money in less than 24 hours to pay for the trailer

Brazilian band Crypta collects the money in less than 24 hours to pay for the trailer

Panda Crypta lost its trailer in a US tornado and managed to raise $60,000 to pay for the car in less than 24 hours | Photo: Instagram @tainabmaschi reproduction

Crypta, a Brazilian heavy metal band touring the US this month, managed to raise $60,000 in less than 24 hours to cover the loss of a rental trailer for the tour. On March 31, the Apollo Theater Concert Hall, in Belvidere, Illinois, where the band members performed, was hit by a tornado that destroyed the car.


This Friday (7) band crypt They made an appeal through their social networks, created an online campaign and asked fans for help:

As most of you know, a tornado hit the venue where we were playing on March 31st in Belvidere, Illinois and we lost the RV we had rented to travel and sleep during our first US tour – it was completely gutted, and we had to rent a new one to continue the shows. As we already imagined, Dealing with insurance and claims has many pitfalls and there is a very high chance of things getting complicated for us.It will not be as easy as we thought we will have to call lawyers to try to resolve our situation.We are guided as best we can,but since we are not US citizens it is What is clear is that we are not entitled to compensation from the state, which further complicates our problem.”

“In short, if all goes well (and there is a good chance it will happen), then within 15 days we will have to pay the company we are renting a new RV, which will be about $60,000, not counting the attorney fees we will have to pay during the process. We know that it is a large amount that we probably will not reach, but at that moment, any assistance and any amount will really help a lot in reducing the financial damage that we will face.We avoid having to ask you for help as much as possible, but at the moment, it is impossible for us to cover this The costs are with the band’s money only.”

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Member from Minas Gerais

The band, who thanked their fans for their support, managed to hit their $60,000 fundraising goal less than 24 hours after going live. online campaign from donations. About 1,700 people took part in the event.

The Brazilian quartet consists of Fernanda Lira (vocals and bass), Luana D’Amito (drums), Tina Bergamschi (guitarist from Barbacena) and Jessica Falci (guitarist).

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